How Much Fortnite Worth? How much is it making in 2021!

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet right now , may be still after 3 years it tops console and pc downloads. Since Fortnite release of chapter 2 , the game has managed to bag a huge amount of revenue because of it’s huge popularity and amazing skins.

It is really different from other battle royale games because it is simple no hard controls , cartoonish makes it more fun as all age group like this type of graphics. It is clean no huge maps and easy to go locations.

Let’s see how much will this huge battle royale game will make in 2021 as new seasons and amazing collaborations are taking place in Fortnite.

According to some reports like the one in Fox Business , Fortnite whole franchise is estimated to be of around $2 Billion.

The game that released in 2017 and suddenly became soo huge that people have to wait 1 hour in queue to enter Fortnite. In the end of 2017 the game has around 30 million users. In next one year the total users increased to 95 million and in mid 2019 the numbers were 125 million user/players.

In all the years for Fortnite 2018 was most successful as in the year Fortnite made around $2.4 Billion. Followed by 2019 , it is natural as in 2018 Fortnite was everywhere , people were even demanding it in the phone.

After all these years Fortnite is still the game that earns the most , this is because now Fortnite is making skins with collaborating others and these skins sells a lot as they are of a popular figure. In the year 2019 Fortnite made a whopping $1.8 Billion.

Still after all these years new content is flooding in Fortnite and people are enjoying it , though huge amount of players have already left it , but still daily new people are coming in Fortnite. So , in 2021 maybe Fortnite will beat the previous revenue , time will tell!

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