Flashback To Clash Royale Season 1

Heyo Clashers,

In this post we are going to see some stuff related to clash Royale season 1 , the first ever season of Royale , I can tell you guys that the hype was real around the update….

Now let’s take a look at the Tower Skin and Pin which are exclusive to the season

Season 1 Exclusive Skin and Pin

The name of the Tower Skin is Shark Tank , at that time Pass Royale Rewards were different from what we get now (they were less in comparison to now) , let’s take a look at the rewards

  • 1 x Lightning Chests
  • Trade Tokens
  • 40K Gold
  • Extra Lightning Strikes (every chest)
  • 2 Legendary Chest (free pass included)

There were also some perks offered with Pass Royale which include

  • Unlimited re-entries and continues for Special Challenges
  • Queue up your next chest to start unlocking automatically
  • An exclusive Pass Royale golden name

So hope you guys liked the blog , I will come up with more blogs if you guys like this one…. Till then see you next time!

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