What Is A Slender In Roblox?

“Punk” Slender

Slender are of 2 types in Roblox , one is the killer slender and other is used as a term for players who are thin, taller than normal, and tend to have a punk-style look in Roblox are called Slenders. They are mostly male characters, but sometimes you can find female Slenders in the game as well. While not all the Slenders are mean, but some of them might troll other players or their friends.

These players utilize the R15 scaling tools on their avatar, which gives them 15 parts (up from the usual six) that can be manipulated, allowing them to give their avatar this look. They also purchase the Robloxian 2.0 Package for 15 Robux due to its thinner appearance that is accentuated when using R15.

A slender usually looks like a guy in your school that can bully you , they leave game in between , makes friends fast and tease them etc.

Some accessories a Slender might have are :-

  • Stitchface
  • Black Pants
  • Black Shirt
  • Black Spiked Hair
  • something related to black color (clothes , shoes , hairs etc)

You may see a slender and think it’s time to run in the opposite direction, and we don’t blame you – Slender Man isn’t exactly known for his friendliness. However, not all Roblox slenders are mean, some are quite the opposite and are more like BFGs – big friendly giants. Also, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you come across slenders that like to troll. Causing panic and mayhem is what their namesake is known for, after all.

To date, it is unknown who created the Slender in Roblox. This design trend came into the limelight when some of the popular Roblox content creators live-streamed and posted videos while using Slender avatars.

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