Fortnite $19 card meme , What is it?

fortnite meme

The line says OK. $19 Fortnite card. Who wants it? And yes, I’m giving it away. Remember: Share. Share. Share…and trolls? DON’T GET BLOCKED.

This was meme which was started by a Fortnite loving man and he was giving away a $19 Fortnite gift card and it turned into a meme. Take a look at the video provided below:-

 TikTok entertainer and comedian @mrblocku, back then known as @imsofate, uploaded the above video from the passenger seat of his car. The video is filmed in an erratic manner, as it was meant to advertise a giveaway, which @mrblocku is known for. Generally a positive force in the Fortnite community, he encourages his viewers to share, and to not be trolls.

It was a meme which was picked up by the community really fast and later many fans and celebs started using it , here is a tweet about the same.

Though it has been sometime , but still Fortnite players love this meme.

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