Boom Beach Statues, Easy Understand!

All 4 Statue Types

There are a total of 4 statues in Boom Beach and each has 3 types , let’s take a look at them in detail :-

  1. Life (“green statues”) -> This statue can increase all resources production , it can also separately increase the production of gold / wood / stone / iron.
  2. Ice (“blue” statues) -> This statue is used in late game and can give a really good boost to your building like increasing of building’s health and defensive building’s damage power.
  3. Magma (“red” ones) -> This is also used in end game and this gives boost to your troops like increasing of troop’s health and damage power.
  4. Dark (“purple” ones) -> This is the most important statue as it gives boost to special stuff in-game like increasing of the Gunboat energy, resource reward and chance of getting power stone.

There are 3 types of power stones (fragments, shards and crystals) and 3 ways of getting them in the Game (as a reward for successful attacks, as a daily reward and with the help of submarine). When the quantity of power stones is enough for statue creating we will see “Create” over the Sculptor building.
The ratio of power stones is next: 1 crystal = 7 shards = 49 fragments (1 shard = 7 fragments)

Some tips to keep in mind while using statues are :-

  • Idol Statues can be reclaimed for 1 Shard.
  • Guardian Statues can be reclaimed for 1 Crystal.
  • Masterpiece Statues can be reclaimed for 7 Power Powder.
Building cost7 Fragments7 Shards7 Crystals
Building time10s1h10h
Reclaim for1 Shard 1 Crystal7 Power Powder

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