Clash Royale Princess Stats and Decks!

Princess is one the longest ranged character in clash royale , her info on the card says something like “This stunning Princess shoots flaming arrows from long range. If you’re feeling warm feelings towards her, it’s probably because you’re on fire.”

Princess can be unlocked in Arena 5 , it is a legendary card so it is hard to level up princess. Tournament level stats of princess are (level 10) :-

  • Hitpoints => 237
  • Area Damage => 154
  • Damage/sec => 51
  • Release Date: 29 February 2016

Princess is generally used in fast cycle decks , this is the reason you will see princess with goblin barrel decks and log bait decks.

Some Princess decks are , you can click link to copy in-game :-

  1. Classic log bait
  2. Dark Prince Goblin Barrel
  3. Inferno – Miner GB

Princess is a really good card but hard to max as it is a legendary card!

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