Dialga Pokemon Go Info!


The Temporal Pokemon has arrived, and it is a great asset to most teams. As the only Dragon that doesn’t take Super Effective damage from other Dragon-types, it has a TDO that tends go outclass most of its fellow dragon-type counters. However, its DPS leaves a bit to be desired in most cases, lagging behind many of its compatriots. Its DPS isn’t bad, but definitely not as high as many of the other top Dragons. As a Steel-type attacker, it’s pretty decent overall. It has some utility, but it’s definitely not worth raising a Dialga just for this Niche.

Dialga does have some hope for the future in the form of its signature move, Roar of Time. However, this move doesn’t yet exist in the game, so time will tell when/if it will change Dialga’s place in the meta.

PVP Moveset

Dragon Breath is, frankly, the main source of Dialga’s offensive power, and is thus the correct choice for fast move. It provides an incredible amount of consistent Dragon-type damage.

Iron Head is Dialga’s cheapest move, and while it is (on its own) mediocre, it provides solid anti-Fairy coverage, and is generally good enough.

The only real decision you have to make in your Dialga’s moveset is between Thunder and Draco Meteor, and you’ll find players who swear by each. Draco Meteor is a one-shot nuke, which can deal a huge amount of damage to everything in the format, but at the cost of dropping your attack to unusable levels after. Thunder gives you more power against Flying-types and Kyogre, but doesn’t hit quite so hard against the rest of the format. Experiment, and see which you like more!

Note: Dialga is an incredibly IV-dependent Pokémon, requiring minimum 15/14/12 IVs and being Best Buddied to compete effectively.

Max CP

Level 50: 4,565

Level 40: 4,038

Level 25: 2,884(Raid + Weather)

Level 20: 2,307(Raid)

Level 15: 1,731(Research Tasks)

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