Marvel Strike Force Blitz Guide!

In this post I’m going to tell you some stuff through which you can get the most out of this game mode. your rosters won’t be exactly like mine, so your mileage may vary, Hopefully I can explain my process well enough to maybe help someone who hasn’t really focused too much on Blitz or might not understand completely how it works.

Blitz Basics

The Blitz game mode in MSF is a “tournament” style battle mode, like the Arena mode. The main differences between Arena and Blitz are that Blitz is on a rotating 4-day and 1-day cycles. The cycles go from Mon – Thurs, then Thurs – Sun, and then Sun – Mon. The start/end times are always at the evening refresh supply stores refresh for your current time zone (I.E. mine start/stop at 6pm central time). There is a “Timer” on the main blitz screen that counts down how much time is remaining in the current blitz cycle.

The rewards for Blitz change for each cycle. Each Blitz is titled based off the featured character rewards for that cycle. You earn a small amount of rewards for each blitz battle that you win. And, larger rewards for each milestone tier that you achieve during the event cycle. The milestones will give you a significant amount of Blitz credits and gold. So even if you don’t really care about the featured character rewards, it is worth it to try and clear as many blitz milestones as you can, just for the credits and gold. In addition to the milestone rewards, you also get rewards based off the rank you achieve in the event. The ranking is typically tiered and group together in percentages. So, rank 1, 2-15, 16-100, 101-1500, and then the top 1-10%, 11-25%, 26-60%, and finally 61-100%. There is a “Rewards” button on the blitz battle selection screen, where you can view the milestones and ranking tiers.

Blitz Strategy

Fighting in blitz is just like fighting in any other mode. You want to have a stronger/better team than your opponent. Choosing a proper opponent is very important to your success. If you choose an opponent that has a better synergy than your team does, you will most likely lose that battle. so, cycle through all 3 opponents and pick the team that you think will be the easiest for you to beat. There will usually be a stand out choice of a team with the least amount of synergy, I.E. a team with 5 random characters that don’t complement each other at all. 

I start with the bottom of my roster and work my way up the ladder. *NOTE*This is where the saved squad management feature really comes into play. If you haven’t saved your squads yet, then I highly suggest you do that now, as it will make selecting your next team ALOT faster. The reason I start from the bottom and not the top is because using the lowest point teams early in the lower tiers with the lowest score multipliers, will allow my highest power teams to run in the higher tiers and will take advantage of the higher multipliers even more. So, I try getting to at least tier 4, 5, or even 6 before I even run my high teams. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with running your high-power teams in the lower tiers, you are just potential missing out on more points by waiting until you have a higher multiplier. 

Choose The Right Team

Choosing the right teams to use, is very important. Also, just as important, is choosing the right opponent to battle against. This is where the grouping of teams in groups of 4 that gradually increase in power works so well for me. Because I know that each team will be slightly “better” than the previous team. So, my teams will be scaling up along with the opponents. Try to keep the characters in your teams at a similar power level. For example, you don’t want to put a character that is at gear tier 10 and abilities at 6,6,6,4 on a team with 4 characters all at gear 4 and abilities at 3,3,2,1. That imbalance of power will make it difficult for you to win. Because the opponent teams will all be well balanced in power, so your low-level characters will die quickly leaving you with only the 1 higher level character, so you will be at an instant disadvantage from the very start of the match.

The teams that I use are based on a few factors. the most important of those is team synergy. this matters a lot in the entire power range, from low to high. A team with low power, but has good synergy, has a good chance at beating a much higher power team with poor or no synergy at all. For example, my defenders + punisher team is around 150k, and I regularly win against team in the 190-200k range. I would start by saving squads that have obvious synergy together based off their traits. I.E. Shield/Avengers/Brotherhood/City/Defenders etc. There are practically limitless combinations of teams that you can create. This is you will have to use your imagination to create teams that work best for you with your roster.

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