Who Is Frank Subway Surfers!

Frank is a playable character in subway surfers and can be bought with 40000 coins.

Default Outfit

Frank wears a black suit, black shoes and a bunny mask which covers his entire face. He has some visible short styled brown hair behind his mask. His skin appears to be mildly tanned. Frank is equipped with a black briefcase which he carries in his left hand while running, similar to Fresh and his stereo/boombox.

Clown Outfit

Frank received a new outfit in New Orleans , the Clown Outfit, in which his mask is replaced with a clown’s and he holds a red flower in his hand instead of his suitcase. His suit and shoes remain unchanged.

Tiger Outfit

He also received the Tiger Outfit during the Mumbai edition. He now wears a tiger mask and his briefcase has a tiger tail sticking out of it. The rest remains the same.

Also , Frank is a playable character from the mobile game Subway Surfers. His popularity increased on Tumblr and Tik Tok due to his appearance on the Subway Surfers animated series (available on SYBO TV’s Youtube channel) as his character design had been altered to make him taller and more serious-looking.

Frank’s default outfit may be a reference to a character from the 2001 movie Donnie Darko as both wear rabbit costumes and have the same name. He might be a computer hacker, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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