Clash Royale Big Big Balance Changes!

CR team has released a new info about upcoming balance changes, that will be happening soon. This is being done some days back for community feedback.

There are 9 balances in total — 5 buffs and 4 nerfs. No reworks.

Let’s see all upcoming buffs and nerfs as some of them are pretty interesting.

Upcoming Buffs! – Clash Royale

  1. Monk -> Hit speed faster by 0.1 second which is 11% damage increase.
  2. Firecracker -> This is going to be huge as it is getting a hit speed buff of 0.4 second faster.
  3. Archers -> Also getting a hit speed buff, faster by 0.2 second. damage increase of 22%
  4. Goblin Giant -> Hit speed buff faster by 0.2 second, damage increase of 13%
  5. Knight -> is getting a HP buff by 6%

Upcoming Nerfs! – Clash Royale

  1. Rocket -> Crown tower damage nerf that is -17%
  2. Phoenix -> Reborn hitpoints -20% and Reborn Damage -20%
  3. Tornado -> Damage per second -6%
  4. Archer Queen -> First hit time -0.2 sec that is 200% slower.

All these are work in progress balance changes, these are not finalized. Supercell is taking all feedback from pro players as well as the community to make any changes to these. It is 24 hours window this time.

Seasonal content will be released before end of the season.

Upcoming balance changes in clash royale.