Mecha Leon Skin Details(Price)!

Prepare for a robotic revolution with the arrival of Mecha Leon, the ultimate metallic menace! This legendary skin transforms the chameleon-loving trickster into a cybernetic powerhouse, ready to dominate the battlefield with razor-sharp claws and high-tech weaponry.

Mark Your Calendars for Machine Uprising!

Sharpen your blades and charge your lasers! Mecha Leon is scheduled to unleash his mechanical fury in Brawl Stars sometime in mid-April. Don’t miss your chance to add this legendary brawler to your arsenal and strike fear (and maybe a little awe) into the hearts of your opponents!

Two Ways to Gear Up:

Whether you crave customization or prefer a single, powerful option, Mecha Leon caters to your needs:

  • 299 Gems: Unlock the base Mecha Leon skin and unleash robotic havoc on the battlefield.
  • Mecha Leon Bundle: For the ultimate metallic experience, consider the Mecha Leon Bundle. This bundle will likely include:
    • 3 Mecha Leon Skin Variants: Expand your mechanical mastery with additional color schemes or unique design elements for Mecha Leon.
    • 9 Exclusive Pins: Express yourself with a variety of Mecha Leon-themed pins, perfect for adding a touch of robotic flair to your communication.
    • 1 Mecha Leon Profile Icon: Showcase your love for all things metallic with a custom profile icon featuring the mighty Mecha Leon.
    • 1 Mecha Leon Spray: Leave your mark (or should we say, oil slick?) on the battlefield with a unique Mecha Leon spray.

More Than Just a Steel Shell

Mecha Leon isn’t just about the awesome, intimidating look (though the glowing red eyes are pretty cool). This skin might boast some high-tech features to enhance your gameplay (specific details to be confirmed upon release):

  • Robotic Attacks: Leon’s signature lolipops could be replaced with high-tech blades or energy blasts, adding a mechanical flair to his attacks.
  • Cybernetic Effects: His animations might be infused with a robotic quality, showcasing the inner workings of Mecha Leon.
  • Supercharged Super: His Super attack could receive a technological upgrade, potentially with unique visual effects or added functionalities.

Why You Need Mecha Leon on Your Team

If you’re a Leon main or a fan of robot-themed skins, then Mecha Leon (or the Mecha Leon Bundle) is a must-have for your collection. This skin offers a powerful and intimidating aesthetic upgrade, unique (and potentially gameplay-enhancing) effects, and the chance to dominate the battlefield as a cybernetic champion.