Odin Cordelius Skin Details(Price)!

Prepare to unleash the power of the Allfather himself with the arrival of the Odin Cordelius skin, a legendary addition to the roster! This skin transforms the enigmatic Cordelius into the one-eyed Norse god Odin, ready to dominate the battlefield with wisdom and might.

Mark Your Calendars for Glory!

Sharpen your axes and polish your helmets! Odin Cordelius is scheduled to descend upon the Brawl Stars arena sometime in April. Don’t miss your chance to add this legendary brawler to your arsenal and strike fear (and awe) into the hearts of your opponents!

Two Paths to Power

Whether you’re a seasoned gem hoarder or a bling baron, Odin Cordelius is within your reach:

  • 149 Gems: The standard currency for unlocking epic skins in Brawl Stars.
  • 5000 Bling: Put that hard-earned in-game currency to good use and claim your place amongst the gods!

More Than Just a Costume Change

Odin Cordelius isn’t just about the magnificent aesthetics (though the beard is truly epic). This skin boasts some divine features to enhance your gameplay:

  • Ravenous Raven: Cordelius’ faithful crow companion transforms into the legendary Huginn, one of Odin’s ravens, symbolizing thought and memory.
  • Spear of Gungnir: Cordelius’ signature attacks are imbued with the power of Gungnir, Odin’s spear, potentially adding a touch of lightning or mystical effects.
  • Allfather’s Fury: His Super attack receives a godly makeover, unleashing a powerful blast or summoning a storm worthy of Asgard. (Specific effects to be confirmed upon release)

Why You Need Odin Cordelius on Your Team

If you’re a Cordelius enthusiast or a fan of mythology-inspired skins, then Odin Cordelius is a must-have addition to your collection. This skin offers a powerful and awe-inspiring aesthetic upgrade, unique effects that might enhance gameplay, and the chance to dominate the battlefield as a legendary god.