Edgar Brawl Stars!

Edgar is one the most famous brawlers in brawl stars, maybe because of Edgar’s super. Let’s see some facts about Edgar. The title headline for Edgar is ‘Edgy and with a hands-off attitude, Edgar prefers to throw punches with his scarf. With his Super, Edgar jumps into the fray swinging his scarf around himself.’

Edgar is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked for free as a Brawlidays 2020 gift from December 19th through January 7th or from the Starr Road.

Edgar’s super used to charge a lot faster but now it takes 30 secs to fully charge after multiple nerfs Edgar is currently not in a good spot.

Edgar throws out two short-ranged, piercing punches from his scarf, healing himself for 35% of the damage dealt per punch. The attack cooldown is extremely short, and the attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete. The amount healed scales with Power Cube.

Edgar jumps into the air and over obstacles briefly before landing onto the area where the Super was aimed. If there are lakes, his jump range is extended to the nearest ground. While in the air, Edgar is completely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time. On landing, he boosts his movement speed by 200 points for 2.5 seconds.

Also, Edgar gets way too many skins in brawl because it’s skins also look really great. Most recent skin was Edgar Tata for 149 gems.

Edgar is vulnerable to Brawlers with high burst damage or knockback abilities like Surge and Shelly because they can use those abilities to evade Edgar and/or easily defeat him. When facing these Brawlers, it’s best to use his Hardcore Gadget to reduce their damage once they use their defensive ability on him so he can survive longer and won’t be easily defeated.

Edgar is not often recommended in Bounty since long-ranged Brawlers dominate the mode and his short range makes him disadvantageous. If playing him in Bounty, focus on pressuring enemies in the back of the map, and perform hit-and-run attacks using your Super. However, don’t play him in open Bounty maps like Purple Paradise as he’s more vulnerable to longer-ranged Brawlers.

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