Clash Royale’s Little Prince: Impact on the Meta

Little prince new champion card clash royale

Overview of the Little Prince Card

The Little Prince is a new Champion card that was released in Clash Royale Season 53 (November 2023). He is a ranged attacker with a moderate hit speed and damage. His unique ability is that he gains hit speed as he fires, as long as he stands still. This means that the longer he fires, the more damage he can deal.

The Little Prince is also accompanied by a companion unit called Guardienne. Guardienne is a small, flying unit that can jump into the arena to support the Little Prince. She can attack enemy units and also heal the Little Prince.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Little Prince’s greatest strength is his ability to deal high damage over time. If he is able to stand still and fire his crossbow for a long enough period of time, he can easily take out even the toughest enemy units.

However, the Little Prince also has some weaknesses. He is a relatively squishy unit, and he can be easily taken out by spells or high-damage units. Additionally, his ability to gain hit speed is only effective if he is able to stand still. If he is moving around, he will lose his hit speed bonus.

Potential Deck Compositions

The Little Prince is a versatile card that can be used in a variety of different deck compositions. However, some of the most effective decks that feature the Little Prince include:

  • Little Prince + Phoenix + Hog Rider: This deck is a powerful combination of high-damage units. The Phoenix can tank for the Little Prince, while the Hog Rider can pressure the enemy tower.
  • Little Prince + Monk + Healer: This deck is a more defensive deck that focuses on keeping the Little Prince alive. The Monk can stun enemy units, while the Healer can heal the Little Prince.
  • Little Prince + Mother Witch + Giant Skeleton: This deck is a siege deck that focuses on using the Giant Skeleton to create a distraction for the Little Prince. The Mother Witch can also slow down enemy units and make them easier for the Little Prince to hit.

Impact on the Meta

The Little Prince is a powerful card that has the potential to shake up the meta. His ability to deal high damage over time makes him a threat to any deck. Additionally, his companion unit, Guardienne, gives him some extra support and makes him more difficult to take out.

It is still too early to say exactly how the Little Prince will impact the meta, but he is definitely a card to watch out for. He has the potential to become a staple in many top-tier decks.

Overall, the Little Prince is a well-designed and balanced card. He is powerful, but he also has some weaknesses. This makes him a fair and challenging card to play against. It is likely that the Little Prince will have a significant impact on the meta, and he will be a popular card in many top-tier decks.