Skadi Jessie Skin Details(Price)!

Prepare to conquer the battlefield with the icy majesty of the seas with the arrival of Skadi Jessie! This epic skin transforms our favorite turret-toting sharpshooter into the Norse goddess of skiing and winter, bringing a wave of chilling victory to your brawls.

Gear Up for Winter’s Fury!

Mark your calendars, because Skadi Jessie is scheduled to set sail for victory sometime in April. Don’t miss your chance to recruit this legendary brawler to your crew and freeze your opponents in their tracks!

A Price Worthy of a Legend

Wielding the power of winter itself, Skadi Jessie comes at a cool price of 199 gems.

More Than Just a Shivering Skin

Skadi Jessie isn’t just about the beautiful, icy aesthetics. This skin boasts some chilling features to freeze your foes:

  • Fjord Horse Scrappy: Scrap turns into a majestic Fjord horse, perfectly suited for navigating the frozen battlefield.
  • Ice Blaster: Jessie’s turret transforms into a formidable ice cannon, launching icy projectiles that slow and damage enemies.
  • Frozen Fury: Her Super attack gets a frosted makeover, creating a large area of ice that chills enemies to the bone.

Why You Need Skadi Jessie on Your Team

If you’re a Jessie main or a fan of wintery, legendary skins, then Skadi Jessie is a perfect addition to your crew. This skin offers a stunning visual upgrade, unique chilling effects, and the chance to dominate the battlefield with the power of a goddess.