Squad Busters – New Clash and Brawl game!

squad buster's new supercell game.

Seems like Supercell is working on a new Clash and Brawl universe game, this game will have characters from both the universe. The game is in early development, and we have some info about it.

This game currently is having controls same as brawl stars with a joystick, and you move characters with it and attack with tap control.

Game Modes Info! – Squad Busters

GEMHUNT Compete against 9 other Squads. Hunt Monsters and collect the most GEMS to win! Busted Squads will drop all their loot and be eliminated! MINERUSH Team up with a friend against 3 other teams. The team that collects the most GEMS wins! Teammates share loot and can revive if busted!

Other Info! – Squad Busters

It has quests, clans, emotes, skins, ranked mode, 5v5. All these will be available to make this game more dynamic. All these characters have some special attack like a Super.

Character Classes ALLROUNDER A healthy mix of attack and defense, a solid pick to balance your Squad ATTACKER Huge damage but little health, deadly when paired with defensive characters DEFENDER Massively healthy, a great pick for superior Squad defense SPEEDSTER Boosts movement, crucial for outrunning opponents SUPPORT_ECONOMY Optimizes resources, great for gaining loot or building Squads SUPPORT_HEALER Heals or boosts health, vital for keeping your Squad fighting.

squad Busters

Let’s see if this game will pass the Beta phase and go global as supercell kills 9/10 of their game in Beta phase.