How To Get the New M82B Skin in Free Fire – Fiery Rush?

How To Get the New M82B Skin In Free Fire – Fiery Rush?

This is one of the main events in current season of Free Fire and Free Fire Max. This bundle includes a lot of rare items, and this bundle might not return for a pretty good amount of time.

So, let’s see How to Get the New M82B Skin in Free Fire – Fiery Rush?

**General Info

Let’s Get into the details of the gun first which is a Sniper class and named M82B. This gun being a sniper has very a smaller number of skins because of obvious reasons. If you get this bundle, you will also get the skin for this gun as well.

This gun named Fiery Rush M82B is available in the game under an all-new event that is known as Fiery Fantasy. This event is just launched and is available under the luck royale section. Like other events this also has a ring which will work under luck circumstances and if you are lucky enough to get the gun in 1 chance.

**Here are the steps till you reach the event

  • go to the luck royale section > Fiery Fantasy
  • Here you can see a new event with the new interface
  • Start making spins from the option below.
  • Make spins till you obtain the M82B – Fiery Rush or you have to collect only 200 tokens so that you can get it via exchanging these tokens
  • Try to obtain making spins or go forward to exchange it
  • Now claim the gun skin and find it under the weapon section

If you like rare guns skins, then this event is for you. stay tuned for more such information and updates about free fire and free fire max.