The Best Pets for Clash Squad Ranked in Free Fire

In Free Fire, pets are not just your companions; they are your allies on the battlefield. With the right pet by your side, you can gain a significant advantage in Clash Squad Ranked mode. Each pet in Free Fire comes with a unique ability that can support different strategies and playstyles. Here, we dive into the best pets for Clash Squad Ranked, helping you make informed decisions to climb the ranks.

1. Falco

Starting strong, Falco is a must-have for teams who prioritize aggressive play and quick rotations. Its ability, “Skyline Spree,” increases gliding speed after skydiving and the diving speed after the parachute opens. This makes Falco perfect for fast-paced gameplay, allowing you and your squad to land quicker and take strategic positions or loot essential items before the enemy.

2. Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor’s “Smooth Gloo” ability is a game-changer for players who rely on Gloo walls for cover and strategic positioning. If you have less than two Gloo wall grenades, Mr. Waggor can produce one every couple of minutes. This ensures you’re rarely out of protective options, making it ideal for defensive strategies and securing your position in the final circles.

3. Detective Panda

For aggressive players who find themselves in the thick of the fight, Detective Panda is a great companion. Its “Panda’s Blessings” ability heals you a certain amount of HP with each kill. This can be incredibly beneficial for sustaining your health during intense firefights and reducing your reliance on medkits.

4. Ottero

Music to the ears of players who love to engage in fights, Ottero’s “Double Blubber” skill converts a portion of the amount healed by using medkits and treatment guns into EP (Energy Points). This not only helps in quick recovery during or after battles but also provides an additional buffer to your HP, making Ottero a solid choice for sustain and survivability.

5. Rockie

If you’re a player that leans heavily on your active skills, Rockie is your go-to pet. Rockie’s “Stay Chill” ability reduces the cooldown of your equipped active skill by a significant percentage. This pet is especially useful for characters with powerful active skills, allowing you to use them more frequently in battles.

6. Beaston

Beaston’s “Helping Hand” ability increases the throwing distance of Grenades, Gloo Walls, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades. This pet is invaluable for tactical players who rely on utility to gain an advantage, disrupt enemy positions, or fortify their defenses quickly.


In Free Fire’s Clash Squad Ranked mode, the choice of pet can greatly influence your playstyle and strategy. Whether you prefer an aggressive approach, rely on tactics and positioning, or need extra sustainability, there’s a pet that suits your needs. Remember, the best pet for you ultimately depends on your gameplay style and the role you play within your squad. Choose wisely, and may your pet lead you to victory!