How to Use the Hot Pot Gizmo in Clash Mini

Hot pot Gizmo Clash Mini

Clash Mini’s Hot Pot gizmo has undergone a recent update, introducing the devastating Potter mini. With its high damage and decent health, the Potter mini is a powerful tool in both offensive and defensive strategies. In this guide, we’ll explore the new and improved Hot Pot gizmo and provide tips for mastering the Potter mini.

Understanding the Potter Mini

The Potter mini is the centerpiece of the Hot Pot gizmo, capable of dealing devastating damage to opponents. It’s best used to counter burst builds or any time a single powerful mini or hero is used as the core of a strategy against you. The Potter emerges quickly, so you typically don’t have to worry about placement. However, its slow move and attack speeds mean that it’s best placed forward in the grid to be effective against your opponent’s backline.

Using the Potter Mini Offensively

The Potter mini can be used offensively to break through your opponent’s defenses. Placing the Hot Pot in a strategic location, such as near your opponent’s backline, can force them to divert their attention and resources to deal with the Potter. This can give you an opening to push forward and take out their other minis.

Using the Potter Mini Defensively

The Potter mini is also an effective tool for defense. When trapping the Potter, you can try to run down the clock by stalling your opponent’s advance. Placing the Hot Pot in a strategic location, such as in a narrow passageway or near your hero, can deter your opponent from advancing and give you time to prepare a counterattack.

Countering the Potter Mini

When playing against the Hot Pot and Potter mini, it can be tough to burst it down before the Potter emerges. However, swarms and ranged combat are effective counters to the Potter. Place your strongest minis in its way while taking it out from afar. The Saint Mirror is also a direct counter to the Potter, but be sure to place it well to avoid being caught off-guard by the Potter’s high damage.

Final Thoughts

The Hot Pot’s Potter mini is a game-changer in Clash Mini, capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor. Whether using it offensively or defensively, mastering the Potter mini requires a keen understanding of your opponent’s strategy and effective placement of the Hot Pot. With practice and patience, the Potter mini can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, helping you dominate the competition and emerge victorious.