Answered! When does Clash Mini launch globally?

When does Clash Mini launch globally?

Clash Mini Supercell latest clash game is about to be launched. But, when? let’s take some assumptions. I am playing this game regularly and can tell that it will go global real soon as the development work related to the game is getting good each update.

The game with each update is launched in beta country and as of now it is on a good path to get launched soon because:

  • Recent update significantly nerfed the progression indicating a global launch
  • Clash royale is getting neglected each update meaning players want a new clash game
  • CM got a new update with really cool features and a cool game mode
  • Constant communication between community manager and players
  • Big updates every 2-3 months

Currently it is available in 14 countries, for more info about the game keep checking their twitter account I have linked it below.