Clash of Clans: Max Hero Levels at TH16

Town Hall 16 unleashes a wave of hero power, pushing the limits of your champions and unlocking their true potential. Get ready for a precise breakdown of the level climb:

Level Up:

  • Barbarian King & Queen: 90 to 95 
  • Grand Warden: 65 to 70 
  • Royal Champion: 40 to 45 

Elixir Drain (estimated):

  • King & Queen: 6,250,000 Dark Elixir each
  • Warden: 2,125,000 Elixir
  • Champion: 1,875,000 Dark Elixir

Time Commitment:

  • Each level takes the same time, that is 8 days.

Beyond the Numbers:

  • Stat Boosts: Witness the King become an earthquake, the Queen launch lightning storms, and the Champion’s shield become an impenetrable wall.
  • Ability Unlocks: Discover new layers of strategic complexity, allowing you to outsmart and dominate your opponents.
  • Ultimate Bragging Rights: Maxed-out heroes are a badge of honor, a testament to your dedication, and a force to be reckoned with.

Bonus Tip: Utilize online calculators to track progress, optimize farming, and stay motivated. Every Dark Elixir drop counts!