Toon Spike Skin Details (Price)!

Toon Spike Brawl Stars

Calling all vintage animation fans and Spike enthusiasts! A new Brawler has burst onto the scene, ready to charm and conquer the battlefield – Toon Spike! This adorable skin reimagines Spike as a classic cartoon character, complete with expressive eyes, rubber hose limbs, and a mischievous grin.

Toon Spike Release Date and Price

Mark your calendars! Toon Spike arrived with the “Starr Toon” update in December 2023/Early 2024. But don’t wait too long, this animated charmer is only available for a limited time! The price for Toon Spike is 299 Gems, making him a Legendary skin in the Brawl Stars.

Toon Spike Effects

Toon Spike’s attacks and animations are pure cartoon magic. His projectiles transform into bouncing squiggles, his Super unleashes a comical ink explosion, and his victory dance is a toe-tapping spectacle. But don’t let his cute looks fool you – Toon Spike still packs a punch! His attacks deal decent damage, and his Super can control the battlefield, making him a valuable asset to any team.