CCTV Poco Skin Details (Price)!

Get ready for Brawl Stars, but not as you know it. The cameras are rolling, the spotlights are on, and a familiar face has donned a new, supervisory disguise: CCTV Poco is arriving mid-January 2024, ready to monitor the battlefield and bring order (and a touch of unexpected melody) for the not-so-steep price of 149 Gems!

From Stage to Surveillance:

Forget the carefree tunes and healing vibes of regular Poco. This Brawler has traded his maracas for high-tech headphones and donned a sleek black uniform, complete with a watchful camera eye embedded in his chest. He’s here to observe, analyze, and, when necessary, unleash a surprising sonic boom that will leave enemies both stunned and questioning who’s really in control.

More than Just a Watchful Eye:

CCTV Poco isn’t just about looking the part – he packs a strategic punch that will surprise even the most seasoned Brawlers. His attacks fire blasts of sonic energy, leaving trails of glitching pixels in their wake. His Super transforms into a holographic projection field, not only healing allies but also confusing enemies with distorted visuals and temporary invisibility. Prepare to have your perceptions challenged, Brawlers!