Larry & Lawrie Release Date – Brawl Stars

Get ready to punch your ticket to victory, because the iconic duo of Larry & Lawrie is gearing up to enter the Brawl Stars arena! Mark your calendars and save your gems, because their grand entrance is scheduled for early February 2024. But that’s not all, impatient brawlers can snag early access a whole week before the fiery Dragon Pit season commences!

Yes, you heard that right! Those eager to unleash the explosive (and adorable) power of these twin throwers can jump the queue and start practicing their ticket-tossing skills before everyone else. So, what can you expect from this dynamic duo?

Larry & Lawrie: A Two-for-One Punch

Get ready for double the trouble and double the fun! Larry & Lawrie are epic brawlers who pack a punch (or rather, a bunch of tickets) at close range. Their attack throws a bundle of tickets that explodes twice, first in a small area and then in a larger radius, potentially wiping out enemies clustered together. But that’s not all! Their super has them switch places, allowing you to choose which twin to unleash on your opponents depending on the situation. Talk about strategic ticket tossing!

Early Access: Be the First to Throw Tickets with Style!

Want to dominate the arena with Larry & Lawrie before anyone else? Mark your calendars! A week before the Dragon Pit season kicks off, early access will be available, letting you snag these explosive twins first. So, keep your eyes peeled for official announcements and get ready to throw those tickets with pride!

Here’s what to remember:

  • Larry & Lawrie Release Date: Early February 2024
  • Early Access: One week before Dragon Pit (Year of the Dragon) season starts
  • Brawler Type: Epic Brawler
  • Get ready for: Explosive (and adorable) double trouble

So, Brawlers, are you ready to join the ticket-tossing frenzy? Prepare your strategies, sharpen your aiming skills, and get ready to welcome Larry & Lawrie with open arms (or should we say, open blasters?). This February promises to be explosive, packed with double the fun and twice the firepower!