Thief Edgar Skin Details(Price)!

Get ready to cause some mischievous mayhem with the arrival of Thief Edgar, the newest addition to the Brawl Stars roster! This sleek and shadowy skin transforms the charismatic rogue into a master of stealth, perfect for surprising your enemies and securing that sweet victory.

Here’s the intel on Thief Edgar:

  • Release Date: Mark your calendars, because Thief Edgar is set to infiltrate the game sometime in March. Prepare to add this cunning character to your arsenal and unleash some chaos.
  • Price: To unlock this exclusive skin, you’ll need to cough up 199 gems.

Thief Edgar isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade; he also boasts some unique animations and effects that further enhance the “Sands of Time” theme. From his sneaky walk to his shadowy ultimate animation, Thief Edgar is sure to add a touch of flair to your gameplay.

Whether you’re a die-hard Edgar fan or simply appreciate a good-looking skin, Thief Edgar is a must-have for any Brawler looking to add a touch of style and surprise to their battles.