Surgenie Skin Details(Price)!

Brawl Stars fanatics, get ready to harness the power of wish-granting and electrifying attacks with the dazzling new skin, Surgenie Surge! This magical makeover transforms our favorite juice-chugging brawler into a mystical genie, complete with a lamp and a whole lot of attitude.

Key Details on Surgenie Surge:

  • Release Date: Wish for this skin to appear, and it just might become a reality sometime in March! Keep an eye out for its arrival in the Brawl Shop.
  • Price: Surgenie Surge is within reach in two ways:
    • 149 Gems: The go-to currency for amazing skins.
    • 5000 Bling: That in-game bling will definitely make your wish come true.

The Genie’s Got Some Tricks

Surgenie Surge isn’t just about a fancy new look! This skin comes with a whole host of awesome custom effects and animations:

  • Lamp-tastic Attacks: His usual energy blasts are replaced with blasts from his trusty genie lamp.
  • Mystical Movement: Watch in awe as he glides across the battlefield with a genie-like grace.
  • Supercharged Super: His Super takes on a magical flair that’ll leave your opponents bewildered.

Is Surgenie Surge Worth Your Gems?

Absolutely! If you’re a Surge enthusiast or simply love a unique and eye-catching skin, Surgenie Surge is a fantastic addition to your collection. Its playful theme, awesome effects, and reasonable price make it a tempting wish to fulfill.