Thor Bibi Skin Details(Price)!

Prepare for a storm of epic proportions with the arrival of Thor Bibi, the newest addition to the Brawl Stars pantheon! This electrifying skin transforms the bubblegum-loving Bibi into the mighty Norse God of Thunder, ready to smite her enemies with a swing of her hammer (or bubblegum bat, whichever you prefer).

Gear Up for Glory!

Mark your calendars, because Thor Bibi is scheduled to unleash her divine fury sometime in April. Don’t miss your chance to add this legendary brawler to your arsenal and dominate the battlefield with the power of a goddess!

A Price Worthy of a God

Wielding the power of Mjölnir (or her trusty bubblegum bat, reimagined!), Thor Bibi comes at a premium price. To unlock this legendary skin, you’ll need to cough up 299 gems.

More Than Just a Cosmetic Upgrade

Thor Bibi isn’t just about the awe-inspiring look. This skin boasts some electrifying features to enhance your gameplay:

  • Hammer of the Gods: Bibi’s bubblegum bat transforms into the mighty Mjölnir, complete with crackling lightning effects.
  • Stormy Swings: Her attack animations take on a powerful and thunderous quality, leaving enemies in awe (or fear).
  • Electrifying Effects: Her Super attack gets a lightning-charged makeover, with bolts of electricity arcing between her and her enemies.

Why You Need Thor Bibi in Your Life

If you’re a Bibi main or simply a fan of epic, mythology-inspired skins, then Thor Bibi is a must-have for your collection. This skin offers a powerful aesthetic upgrade, unique effects, and the chance to dominate the battlefield as a legendary goddess.