All Banned Cards in Upcoming Royal Tournament! – Clash Royale

Clash Royale recently did polls to ban some cards before upcoming January Royal Tournament. Polls happened over twitter and In-game and cumulative result is taken as final step.

Here are all the polls that happened over twitter:

All Polls (Clash Royale Twitter)

The obvious choice here is the champion card as they are mostly unbalanced, so skeleton is out.

Polls happened over twitter!

The Log is the most used card in Clash Royale, and it is going out will alter many decks and maybe replaced with a zap in the deck.

Polls happened over twitter!

Any deck that uses Hog will try to out Tornado, this is a really annoying card for hog rider deck, and this will give a boost to the 2.6 hog cycle.

Polls happened over twitter! - cLash royale

All other polls were done in-game, so the final results are:

As we can see archer queen and phoenix were 100% going to be out and the community did it. Now we can say that somewhat the upcoming tournament might be more balanced.

If gone well this might be implemented for more upcoming challenges, which will help all mid ladder players.

Clash Royale Info:

  • There are two types of Victory Challenges: Classic Challenge and Grand Challenge. Players can join either one at any time.
  • The Classic Challenge costs 10 gems to enter, while the Grand Challenge costs 100 gems to enter.
  • During the Challenge, the player will be able to see the prize that they have accumulated, and the prize awarded on top of their current prize for the next win.
  • Once the player has won 12 times or lost 3 times in total, the Challenge will automatically end, and the player will receive a Chest containing their current prize (or top prize, if they have won 12 times). The player will then get a chest containing the rewards that he/she can immediately open.
  • Crowns won through battles contribute to Crown Chests.

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