Builder Base 2 Troops Details! – Clash of Clans

Builder Base will be getting a huge rework soon, in past months we got to know that supercell team will be removing live battles from the BB. This will be done to make the builder base less hectic and more fun.

Heroic Troops Clash of Clans:

Now, after some time we have got another update about Builder base 2, this time it is about the troops which is main driving force for the mode. Now as BH level increase, troops increase in numbers, making it a spam mode which no one likes.

This is will soon be changed as now there are going to be less troops with more health and special abilities like the battle machine. This will make the mode different from home village.

Reason to Reduce Troops(Official):

Another reason to reduce the number of troops on the field has been because we wanted to make Builder Base troops more heroic, in this case gaining active triggered abilities like Heroes. Currently without spells in battles there isn’t as much to do as in a Home Village attack.

When you don’t have a way to intervene when something’s going wrong with your attack in the middle of the enemy base it can be very annoying! We could have added spells, but we thought it might be more interesting to try troop-specific active abilities, as Builder Base troops already have automatically activated special abilities. We also thought this would lend itself to interesting new future troops and create more of a different feeling from the Home Village in clash of clans.

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