Clash Royale New Season 44 Details (February 2023)

Clash royale season 44 details!

New CR season will be live on 6th February, that is first Monday of the month. This season is based on Valentine’s theme, and it also has tons of new content and challenges.

Booster cards

There are a total of 3 boosted cards this season that are:

  • Magic Archer
  • Golem
  • Sparky

All emotes in this season are based on above 3 cards.

Challenges and Global Tournament – Clash Royale

There are a total of 6 challenges this season.

  • Double-Date Draft (2v2)
  • Royale Tournament (Mega Draft)
  • Super Magic Archer Challenge
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Royale Tournament (Standard)
  • Capture the Sparky

All these are probably 1 weeklong.

Emotes – Clash Royale

There is a total of 7 emotes this season based on golem, magic archer and sparky.

Tower Skins

This season like other also has 2 skins.

  • Valentines (Pass Royale)
  • Magic Archer (Shop)

There are a total of 24 banner items this season with a special pack Aswell with 3 banners.