What do star levels do in Clash Royale?

What do star levels do in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale introduced Star levels in 2018 for max levels players, these 3 levels introduce a cosmetic change in the troop design. After maxing profile, you can get these points to get star levels on your troops.

Character Cards gain more hit points and do more damage when upgraded, but when star levels are used, the card merely receives cosmetic alterations with no increase in hit points or damage.

For players to unlock star levels the king level in the game should be 6 after that players can start receiving star points. When cards with one Star Level are deployed, they shine bright gold. Golden particle effects, golden armor, attire, and other components are added to the sprites of cards with more Star Levels in battle.

There are 3 levels of star points but not all troops have all 3 levels. All troops have at least 1 level of star levels.

Collect max-level cards through chests, trades, or quests to earn Star Points along with Gold in the following manner:

  • Common – 1 Star Point
  • Rare – 10 Star Points
  • Epic – 100 Star Points
  • Legendary – 1000 Star Points

Additionally, when max-level cards are purchased from the Shop, they are automatically converted to Star Points. Because the cards that have overflown change to gold, half of the gold spent in this manner is reimbursed.

It takes 45,000-star points to max one card cosmetically. Level one requires 10,000 points, level two requires 15,000 points, and level three requires 20,000 points.

Star Levels and Star Points can only be used for cosmetic changes that make the card look different on the battlefield, like:

  • Cards shine bright gold on the deck while in battle.
  • Some cards get additional effects such as golden particles, armor, and others. Like Arrows in Clash Royale become multicolored when increased to star level 3.
  • The Musketeer gun turns golden when upgraded to star level 3 and Wizard clothes turn shiny golden when upgraded to star level 2.