Card Evolution Coming to Clash Royale

Card Evolution Coming to Clash Royale

What is Card Evolution?

Card evolution is a new feature that will be coming to Clash Royale in the upcoming update. It will allow players to upgrade their cards beyond level 14, giving them new abilities and stats.

How does Card Evolution work?

To evolve a card, players will need to collect a new resource called Evolution Crystals. Evolution Crystals can be earned by completing challenges, winning battles, and opening chests. Once players have enough Evolution Crystals, they can evolve a card by going to the card’s upgrade page and selecting the “Evolve” button.

What are the benefits of Card Evolution?

There are several benefits to card evolution. First, it will allow players to further upgrade their cards and make them stronger. Second, it will give players access to new abilities and stats that can help them win battles. Third, it will add a new layer of depth and strategy to the game.

What cards can be evolved?

Not all cards will be eligible for evolution. Only certain cards will be able to be evolved, and Supercell has not yet announced which cards will be eligible.

When will Card Evolution be released?

Card evolution is scheduled to be released in the upcoming update for Clash Royale. The exact release date has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be released sometime in the near future (June)


Card evolution is a major new addition to Clash Royale, and it is sure to shake up the meta. Players will need to decide which cards to evolve carefully, as each evolution will have a significant impact on the way the card plays. Overall, card evolution looks like a major new addition to Clash Royale that is sure to change the way the game is played.