Final Boss Rico Skin Details (Price)!

Brace yourselves, Brawlers! The ultimate villain has arrived: Final Boss Rico has stormed into Brawl Stars, ready to unleash robotic fury and dominate the battlefield. This epic skin transforms Rico into a chrome-plated nightmare, armed with a laser cannon and a thirst for destruction.

Release Date and Price

Final Boss Rico rolled onto the scene in December 2023/Early 2024, as part of the Starr Toons Skin Set. But beware, this menacing Brawler is only available for a limited time! To claim your own piece of robotic mayhem, you’ll need to cough up 149 Gems/5000 Bling, making him a Epic skin in the Brawl Stars shop.

A Villainous Upgrade

Final Boss Rico isn’t just a cosmetic change – he’s a force to be reckoned with. His attacks are charged with electrifying energy, and his Super unleashes a devastating laser barrage that melts through enemies and cover alike. But that’s not all! His Star Power, Supercharge, amplifies his Super’s range and damage, turning him into an unstoppable laser cannon.