Ferocious Fang Skin Details (Price)!

Get ready to sharpen your claws and unleash your inner beast, because Ferocious Fang is stalking its way into Brawl Stars! This primal skin for our beloved Leon will transform him into a ferocious hunter, ready to pounce, dominate, and leave a trail of smoke and fury in his wake.

A Savage Arrival in 2024:

While the exact date remains shrouded in mystery, like Leon’s invisibility, one thing is certain: Ferocious Fang will unleash its primal energy sometime in February 2024. So, mark your calendars, Brawlers, and prepare for the hunt!

More than Just Fur and Fury:

This Super Rare treasure won’t come cheap, but for 149 Gems and 5000 Bling, you’ll unlock a force of nature ready to dominate the battlefield. Get ready to hear the chilling growls and witness the razor-sharp claws of Ferocious Fang as he tears through the competition.