Wukong Mico Skin Details (Price)!

Brace yourselves, Brawlers, for a legendary arrival! Whispers of a mischievous chimp echo through the arena, and soon, the battlefield will tremble under the nimble feet of Wukong Mico. This electrifying skin reimagines our beloved Poco as a playful Monkey King, ready to charm, conquer, and unleash a sonic storm with his golden staff.

A Mythical Arrival in 2024:

While the exact date remains veiled in mystery, much like Poco’s healing melodies, one thing is certain: Wukong Mico will unleash his electrifying charm sometime in February 2024 and Cost 299 Gems. So, mark your calendars, Brawlers, and prepare for a legendary brawl!

More than Just Fur and Fury:

Wukong Mico isn’t just about the adorable monkey ears and playful tail (though those are undeniably awesome). This skin brings a vibrant splash of energy and tactical depth to the battlefield. His attacks crackle with golden lightning, leaving trails of sparkling energy. His Super transforms into a thunderous drumbeat, not only healing allies but also stunning enemies in its wake.