Clash Royale League 2023 Prize Pool!

Clash Royale League prize pool.

Another Clash Royale League 2023 news is here and this time it is the prize pool. This years prize pool is $1.3 Million which is the highest ever since the start of the league.

Here prize pool means that the prize will be distributed among other competitors as well. Last year’s top 4 prize distribution are as follows.

  •  1st $250,000 –> Mohamed Light
  • 2nd $125,000 –> Morten
  • 3rd $80,000 –> Samuel Bassotto
  • 4th $65,000 –> Mugi

After this there are group of rewards making the amount $1 million.

Clash Royale League Format:

  • Double Elimination bracket with 16 starting players.
  • All matches are played in a Bo3 duels format.
  • The player who reaches the Grand Final via Losers bracket has to win 2 consecutive Bo3 duels in order to win the championship.

Seems like the prize pool will be adjusted in the first 4 or later section of the league.

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